Do you know...

Brutus Buckeye. . . or do you doubt that ghosts haunt arts and sciences buildings? In what Ohio State building have people claimed that a woman in a pink party dress walks across a room to a window and then vanishes?


Answer:  Pomerene Hall is the buildingPomerene Hall
where people claim to have seen a woman
in pink walk across the room and vanish.

How are the Orton Hall bells rung? Does a member of the School of Music ring them by hand or are they automated?  
Orton Hall

The Orton Hall bells are now automated. However, at one time they were rung by hand. Faculty members climbed the 80-some steps twice a day. Later students, called Chimes Masters, were paid $25 a week to play songs on the chimes. In 1986 a modern electrical system was installed to automate the serenades.


Did you know that the university’s first unofficial mascot was a dog? His name was Chris, and he was a performing police dog. Owned and trained by Richard Armel, then a member of the Ohio State cheerleading squad, he was introduced in the fall season of 1941 to jump through hoops and perform other tricks at football and basketball games and rallies.

OSU Mascot Christ and Pitt Panther

  Chris is not impressed by the Pitt panther mascot in 1941. OSU's UnOSU’s unofficial mascot, Chris


OSU’s unofficial mascot, Chris, jumps through a cheerleader’s paper drum, 1941.


Chris appeared to have made it through only the fall season at Ohio State, but he certainly made an impression on the other team mascots.