Give to Economics

Please consider making a gift or donation to the Department of Economics. Each and every gift makes a tangible difference in the lives or our students and faculty. All gifts are tax deductible as permitted by law.

There are many opportunities to support the activities of the Department of Economics.  From scholarships to teaching awards, you can make a donation that will benefit world-class students and faculty in the department.  It is easy and safe to donate on-line on our department website.

Alma Herbst Memorial Lecture Fund

Provides an annual lecture in labor economics.

The Edward J. Ray Commemorative Research Fund

Income supports scholarly graduate activities in the Department of Economics at the Department Chair's discretion.

The Professor Paul G. Craig Graduate Student Assistance Fund

Income will be used to relieve one or more graduate students from one term's teaching commitment to accelerate progress towards a Ph.D. in Economics. 

G.S. Maddala Memorial Fund

Provides awards to graduate students for excellence in quantitative research using econometrics, both theoretical and applied.

Economics Faculty Memorial Fund

This fund supports various department activities as identified by the Chair to enhance the department, including seminar presentations, graduate student research and travel, & faculty teaching.

Economics Undergraduate Scholarship

To provide scholarships for undergraduates in the Department of Economics.