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Networking Your Way to Success

No doubt, you have heard that networking is a great way to land an internship, entry-level position, or an introduction to a company or industry.  Not only is this helpful when trying to get your foot-in-the-door or have your resume seen by the hiring manager, it may also help your consideration for a position that has not been posted, yet!

As your network grows, so will your understanding of the many industries, companies, or government agencies in which you have an interest.  This will help you define your career goals, get advice, and learn of the realities of your “dream” job, and determine if your skills are a match for those required by the position.

Sources of networking contacts:  Alumni, family members, friends, family friends, colleagues, coaches, professionals at companies of interest, those working in your focus industry, and recruiters at career events.  You can utilize LinkedIn to keep your contacts organized, too.

Once you have identified a contact, reach out and request a short meeting or phone call.  Prepare a list of questions in advance of your meeting!  Perhaps the contact might have additional professionals whom you may contact?  DO NOT ASK FOR A JOB!!!  Be sure to send a thank you email, too!!

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