General Support Facilities

University Libraries System

One of the most advanced library systems in the nation, the University Libraries System houses one of the largest research and academic collections in North America, and consists of the Main Library and over 30 branch libraries on the Columbus and regional campuses.  The Main Library is a depository for the publications of the U.S. Government Printing Office.  Faculty and students have ready access to nearly five million volumes and over 30,000 periodicals via on-line systems and Ohio-Link, which enables students to borrow books from university libraries throughout Ohio.  Computer terminals are available throughout the campus to search the entire collection—including materials in all departmental libraries as well as the libraries of many other universities and colleges in Ohio.  The new Fisher College of Business Library houses reference materials, journals and books in economics and allied fields.  The Mershon Center archive offers materials related to the economics of national security. 


Academic Computing Services

The OSU Office of Information Technology operates a large-scale computer network, and provides training and assistance in use of computers and networks to all university students, faculty, and staff.  It also undertakes research in computing techniques and provides computational services for research projects in all fields that require extensive computer resources.  OSU offers extensive course work in programming techniques and many informal seminars on using computers, as well as consulting services covering both computer use and statistical packages.