Give A Gift to the Economics Department

Dear Alumni and Friends,

Please consider a gift or donation to the Department of Economics.  Each and every gift makes a tangible difference in the lives of our students and faculty.  All gifts are tax deductible as permitted by law.  Here are a number of ways you can invest in this department and its programs:

Fund # 301944 Economics Faculty Memorial Fund

Supports various department activities as identified by the chair to enhance the department, including seminar presentations, graduate student research and travel, & faculty teaching

Fund # 309719 Economics Undergraduate Scholarship

Provides scholarships for undergraduates in the Department of Economics

Fund # 314106 James Lehr Kennedy Fund in Economics

Funds to be used at the discretion of the department chair for support of department activities (research, teaching, scholarships, etc.)

Fund # 314501 Gledhill Prize in Applied Economics

Provides an award made annually for the best paper in applied economics by an OSU undergraduate economics major

Fund # 601737 Charles A. Dice Fund

  Funds research and/or fellowships for worthy students in economics, business or banking

Fund # 603157 Alma Herbst Memorial Lecture Fund

  Provides an annual lecture in labor economics

Fund # 605978 The Edward J. Ray Commemorative Research Fund

  Supports scholarly graduate activities in the Department of Economics at the department chair's discretion

Fund # 606676 The L. Edwin Smart Series in Economics

  Funds an annual series of lectures in economics

Fund # 606677 The L. Edwin Smart Teaching Award in Economics

  Provides recognition to teaching assistants and faculty members for their teaching achievements

Fund # 641472 The Professor Paul G. Craig Graduate Student Assistance Fund

  Funds one or more graduate students for a semester, relieving them from their teaching commitment to help accelerate progress toward a PhD in economics

Fund # 644415 G.S. Maddala Memorial Fund

  Provides awards to graduate students for excellence in quantitative research using econometrics, both theoretical and applied

Fund # 665060 The Keith and Linda Monda Scholarship Fund

 Provides a renewable merit and need based scholarship for an honors undergraduate student who is an Ohio resident majoring in Economics

For assistance making a gift, call (614) 292-2141, e-mail or visit: