Department News

Faculty Retirements and Departures

J. Huston McCulloch retired from the faculty in December, 2012.  After receiving his PhD from the University of Chicago in 1973, he was on the Boston College faculty for six years before coming to Ohio State in 1979. At Ohio State he was editor of the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking from 1983-1991. He also held an appointment as Dice Center Research Fellow in the Department of Finance. His research interests center on money, banking and macroeconomic fluctuations, and extend to related financial and econometric issues. He is an internationally recognized authority on the term structure of interest rates, heavy-tailed stable probability distributions, and Austrian utility theory.

William Dupor has taken a position with the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Matthew Lewis accepted a position at Clemson University’s Department of Economics.

ASSA 2014 Meetings: Philadelphia, PA  from January 3 thru 5, 2014


The department will hold its annual ASSA reception on Friday, January 3, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm in the Philadelphia Marriott Meeting Room 403.  We hope that alumni and friends attending the meetings will stop by.  

Facts and Figures:

Rankings: Ohio State’s Department of Economics ranked 9th among public universities and 27th among all US universities (US News and World Report, 2013). A world-wide ranking of Economics programs by Tilburg University based on publications in 35 top journals during 2008-2012 ranked OSU 38th in the world, 22nd among all universities in the US, and 7th among public universities in the US.
Economics taught over 38,000 credit hours in the first year under the semester system, and is a major provider of undergraduate general education courses. The department had steady growth in credit hours for many years under the quarter system. Economics was rated by the OSU Graduate School among the “Strong” doctoral programs. The graduate program in Economics consistently ranks very highly among all university departments in university fellowships awarded, a reflection of the high quality of applicants. The number of undergraduate economics majors at Ohio State (including double majors and pre-majors) grew from 531 in 2003-04 to 881 in 2011-12, the last year under the quarter system, an increase of about two thirds.