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UEJ is a peer-reviewed academic journal and magazine, which publishes economics-related articles and content by undergraduates at OSU and from other colleges. We offer opportunities for OSU undergraduates to write articles and create other content (including comics, podcasts, videos, etc.), as well as leadership opportunities on our Editorial and Executive Boards. Exec Board includes our President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and a Director of Marketing. Our Editorial Board includes our Editor and Vice Editor-in-Chief, as well as our Junior Editors.


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Statement of purpose:

The purpose of UEJ is to provide an outlet for undergraduates to create, edit, and publish economics-related content in digital and print forms. UEJ publishes regular blog posts on economic content and a yearly peer-reviewed issue, which includes research solicited from undergraduates attending other schools in the region. We provide editorial assistance to students for improving their skills in all facets of the writing process and promote study in economics and related fields.


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The Undergraduate Economics Journal at Ohio State was founded in the fall of 2018 by Cornelius Johnson, Thien Phung, Alexander Williams, and its advisor Dr. John Rehbeck, to provide an outlet for undergraduates at Ohio State to publish academically focused, economics-related content. Additionally, UEJ seeks to promote scholarship in economics among university students at the local, state, national, and international levels.


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Contact our President Cornelius Johnson at johnson.6989@osu.edu with any questions you have.

Want to write or submit an article to UEJ?

Contact our Editor-in-Chief Alexander Williams at williams.5889@osu.edu or come to a meeting.