Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I arrive to the ELC?
  • When students arrive they are asked to sign-in and wait, if necessary, to be assisted. While waiting, you should get out your materials and begin working – review the material, review your resources, and begin to formulate questions. As soon as a tutor becomes available, they will assist you on a first-come-first-served basis.
Why sign in and out?
  • Like all resources offered on campus, it is important for the department to be able to justify the value behind this service. By providing just a few details – when you arrived, when you departed, which class(es) you were seeking assistance for, and which tutor you worked with – our department will better be able to make improvements to the ELC.
Who comes for tutoring?
  • Anyone and everyone taking an economics course! On any given day, there could be an array of students from various majors. Many of these students are likely to be in a mutual class as you, so you could benefit from bringing your work to the ELC, not only to receive assistance from the tutors, but also from your peers. Sometimes having someone to bounce your thoughts off of is just as helpful as direct tutoring.
What does the environment of the ELC feel like?
  • The ELC is a relaxed and welcoming environment. The tutoring staff is made-up of undergraduate economics students who can related to any struggles you may be having, and the environment reflects such. There is no pressure while at the ELC; even if you want to come and just hang-out while you do your homework in case you have a question, the ELC is here for you!
What is expected of me when I come for tutoring?
You are expected to:
  • Try the problems before you ask for help
  • Have questions in mind
  • Work on problems while you wait for a tutor
  • Talk with and help other students who are also waiting
  • Give us feedback
  • Treat us with respect
What can I expect of the tutors when I come for tutoring?
The tutors:
  • Will be helpful
  • Will work with you for one or two problems at a time, and then move on (if others are waiting)
  • Will provide feedback
  • Will help you learn
  • Will treat you with respect
  • Won't make you feel silly
  • Won't do the problems for you
  • Won't substitute for your lecture or recitation
What is the ELC like on exam days?
  • The number of students coming to the ELC on and around exam days increases significantly, and while we try to increase the number of tutors available, our staff remains limited. If you need help, try to come to the ELC throughout the term and do not wait to the last minute. If you start studying early, you won't need to join the frantic rush of procrastinators on exam day.
I’m an ‘A’ student, so how can I benefit from tutoring?
  • Anyone can benefit from a mutual learning environment. Even 'A' students have questions while working on their homework. Make the most efficient use of your time and study in the ELC where tutors can answer those potential questions and you can work with peers. Even if you don’t have many questions, we welcome you to contribute to our learning environment.