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Gain hands-on experience through an internship, volunteer experience, campus involvement and other resume-building experiences. Be career ready and build future workplace skills.

Networking is a great way to land an internship, an entry-level position, or an introduction to a company or industry. Not only is it helpful when trying to get your foot in the door, but it may also allow an employer to consider you for a position that has not been posted yet!
  • Alumnifire - an online professional networking and mentoring tool for Ohio State alumni, students and staff to exchange industry expertise and career advice. Connect with alumni for informational interviews, career advice or job shadowing opportunities
  • Forbes.com - informative article on some networking tips specifically for recent graduates. These are easy to implement and from a well-respected source that claims it is “Your guide to the future of work."
  • LinkedIn Resources for Students - how to build an effective profile, how to network using LinkedIn, building your personal brand, communicating effectively using LinkedIn, and more!
  • Campus Resources for Networking - a guide that includes campus and community networking resources, specific steps that students can take from day one to graduation, and an expert interview and information
Sources of networking contacts:  Alumni, family members, friends, family friends, colleagues, coaches, professionals at companies of interest, those working in your focus industry, and recruiters at career events. You can utilize LinkedIn to keep your contacts organized, too.

Elevator Speech Tips: Don’t expect to make the most of your brief time with recruiters if you have not practiced what to say! Write and rehearse giving a 30-90 second introduction to say to people when you meet them in professional situations. Be polite. Give your name and say hello. Focus on succinctly telling them who you are, where you have been, and where you want to be. This is a great website to help you: https://www.themuse.com/advice/perfect-pitch-how-to-nail-your-elevator-speech. You want to be memorable and to share your motivations and interest in their career field or job opening with them.
Informational Interview Tips: Once you have identified a contact, reach out and request a short meeting or phone call.  Prepare a list of questions in advance of your meeting!  Perhaps the contact might have additional professionals whom you may contact?  DO NOT ASK FOR A JOB!!!  Be sure to send a thank you email too!!