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A Successful Career in Economics

The primary mission of our graduate program is to educate students as research economists.  En route to their Ph.D. degrees, our graduate students acquire a wide range of skills that make them excellent university teachers and professional economists.  An advanced degree in economics offers an exciting range of career choices in academia, business, and government.

The dedication of our graduate faculty to excellence in economics education is reflected in the depth and breadth of their research activities.  Our faculty includes three Fellows of the Econometric Society and several editors and associate editors of top-ranked economics journals. Our department contributes to and benefits from the rich diversity and resources of The Ohio State University. Ohio State has channeled its Selective Investment Funding to the Department of Economics, and the Graduate School supports our program as a strong Ph.D. program selected from approximately 100 programs at Ohio State.  We are an equal opportunity and affirmative action program and committed to improving the state of historically under-represented groups in our profession.

Graduate students are an integral part of our academic community and make essential contributions to intellectual life in the Department of Economics.  About 70 graduate students are in the program.  Our entering class consists of approximately 20 students selected from a very competitive pool of approximately 350 applicants from all over the world.  In recent years, we have ranked in the top echelon of all departments at The Ohio State University in the number of university fellowships awarded to new graduate students. Almost all of our Ph.D. students are supported through research and teaching assistantships with competitive stipends and full tuition waiver.  We also provide conference travel support, dissertation research support, and support for the job market preparations of our dissertation students.  

This part of our home page is a concise summary of the scope and vigor of our graduate program.  For more information, please contact Rick Tobin, (tobin.71@osu.edu).  Detailed governance of our graduate program is spelled out in our Policies and Procedures for Graduate Studies in Economics, which is also available from our home page. For your convenience, we have summarized admission information in a separate section on admission and application.


Huanxing Yang, Professor of Economics and Department Chair

Jason Blevins, Associate Professor of Economics and Director of Graduate Studies

John Rehbeck, Associate Professor of Economics and Director of Graduate Placement

Julia Thomas, Professor and Director of Graduate Admissions

Rick Tobin, Graduate Program Coordinator