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The task of explaining economics concepts to less advanced students will deepen your own fundamental knowledge. In addition, students involved in the Economics Learning Center have a home base in the Department of Economics; this provides opportunities for interaction with faculty and other economics students!

Tutor Job Description

  • Tutors are expected to devote up to 20 hours per week and as much additional time for preparation as necessary.
  • All in-person shifts must occur in the ELC, room 385 of Arps Hall. Online shifts can be held via Zoom from a private location on a device with audio and video capabilities. 
  • Tutors are expected to:
    • Report to work at their scheduled time. 
    • Be helpful, courteous, and respectful.
    • Provide guidance and clarification but not complete work for students.

Qualifications to be a Tutor

  • You must have taken ECON 2001, 2002, 4001, and 4002 and finished with at least a B.
    • Students not meeting this standard will be considered based on individual merit.
  • It is not necessary to be an ECON major.
    • Any student who has completed the required courses can apply to be a tutor, regardless of major.

When Tutors are Hired

  • Prospective tutors may apply at any time. Your application may not be considered immediately but for the next semester (excluding summer while the ELC is closed).
    • We aim to interview at the end of each semester so tutors are hired and oriented before the ELC opens the following semester.
  • We will keep your application on file for a year and contact you at the provided email if we are interested in interviewing you.
    • The consistent graduation of our tutoring staff leaves us hiring tutors regularly. We encourage prospective tutors to apply every year.

How Much Are Tutors Paid?

  • Tutors begin at the base rate for student employees at the University, which can be found here.


  • The application can be submitted here via Microsoft Forms.
Please reach out to Sydneigh Burnell at with any questions.