Become a Tutor

The challenge of explaining economics concepts to less advanced students will deepen your own understanding of fundamental economics concepts. In addition, students working in the Economics Learning Center have an on-campus ‘base-of-operations’ in the Economics Department. This provides opportunities for interaction with faculty and other economics students.
Tutor Job Description
  • Tutors are expected to devote between 5 to 15 scheduled hours per week and as much additional time for preparation as each individual finds necessary. 
  • Each tutor spends their time staffing the ELC in Room 385 of Arps Hall.
  • Tutors are expected to report to work promptly at their scheduled time.
  • Tutors are expected to be helpful, courteous, and respectful to students at all times.
  • Tutors are expected to provide service to all students who visit the ELC, which means working with multiple students simultaneously at times.
    • This can be achieved by grouping students who are seeking similar assistance and/or alternating the assistance you provide a few questions at a time while the other student(s) work.
  • Tutors are expected to provide guidance and clarification, but NOT to complete the work for students.
Qualifications to be a Tutor
  • You must have taken (or are about to complete) ECON 4001 and 4002.
  • You should have received a grade of B or higher in these ECON courses.
    • Students not meeting these standards will be considered on the basis of individual merit as space allows. 
  • It is not necessary to be an economics major to serve as a tutor.
    • Students from many backgrounds who have completed the necessary courses can be tutors since students with divergent backgrounds may serve as particularly effective tutors. 
When we Hire Tutors
  • Prospective tutors may submit an application at any time, with the understanding that you are applying to begin working at the start of the next semester (excluding summer while the ELC is closed)
    • Our goal is to conduct interviews at the end of each semester (approximately 4 weeks remaining) in order to hire new tutors for the subsequent semester.
    • This way, we can have all new tutors hired and oriented prior to the ELC opening within a given term.
  • We will keep your application on file for a year and we will reach out to you at the provided email if we are interested in interviewing you.
    • Even if you are not interviewed and/or hired after submitting an initial application, the constant turn-over in our tutoring staff as a result of graduations leaves us hiring tutors on a continual basis, so we encourage prospective tutors to submit an application every year.
How Much we Pay Tutors
  • Tutors begin at the base rate for student employees offered by the university.
    • The current hourly minimum can be found here.
Apply Now
  • ClickPackage icon here to access the application.
    • Follow the directions as listed on the application and submit it as an email attachment to or as a tangible copy to the front desk of 410 Arps Hall.
    • Any questions about the application can also be directed to