Graduate Research Travel Support Program

The Graduate Research Travel Support Program supports graduate student conference travel.  

ELIGIBILITY:  Any economics graduate student whose paper is accepted for presentation by a bona fide and significant academic/professional conference.  Poster session presentations are not eligible for travel consideration.  

ACCEPTABLE JUSTIFICATIONS: Travel support must be justified according to the following criteria:

(1) The conference paper presentation is complementary to your publication effort for the paper.
(2) The conference paper presentation will be instrumental in enhancing your job market prospects.
(3) The conference paper presentation will be a significant enhancement to the professional visibility of the OSU Department of Economics.

EXPENSES COVERAGE: ONLY receipted transportation (ground/parking/air or mileage),  lodging, and conference registration fee expenses are eligible for reimbursement.  

Not Covered: per diem incidentals & meals, paper submission fees, postage, copying, shipping, phone/fax, internet access fees.

By submitting a travel request, you acknowledge that the Department may lower mileage reimbursements in accordance with funding availability.

All travel is subject to university, college and department travel policies.  See for details.


  • A student is eligible for a total reimbursement of up to $600 per 12-month academic year effective, AY2017-2018 (Autumn 2017, Spring 2018, and Summer 2018).


First, submit your request online via  You must submit your request for RTS at least two weeks prior to your departure date.  Requests received with less than a two-week notice will not be considered.

Then, once you have confirmation from the Grad Coordinator that the justification is acceptable, have your advisor-approved justification sent via email to

After your travel is complete, all documentation must be submitted within one month of your return date to Rick Tobin, 410D Arps Hall for reimbursement.