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Career Fair


The Department of Economics Career Services Office anticipates collaborating with student organizations to organize a career fair in the spring of 2023. You can check back here for updates. It will also be posted on Handshake and announced in newsletters and flyers.


  • Increase your chances of being contacted for an interview with the employer
  • Expand your network (meet or reconnect with recruiters); Many of the recruiters will be Department of Economics Alumni, too!
  • Learn more about the employers and their opportunities
  • Many recruiters are happy to share job search advice with you, too!
  • Further investigate the many positions or occupations or career fields that you could pursue


  • Elevator Pitch
    • Practice, but don't be perfect!  Share your chat with your friends, family, the clerk at the grocery store, fellow Career Fair attendees (while waiting in line)
    • Sell yourself!
    • What to share?
      • What degree(s) are you pursuing?  When will you complete your degree?  
      • Quick snapshot of your experience (internships, on and off-campus positions)
      • Student group involvement “(member? officer?) Give a quick summary of your education and experience; this will give the recruiter or hiring manager an idea of your chosen career path
    • Prepare a few questions to ask each recruiter; customize them based upon your research of the company; is there a position that you noted (or have applied to) on their website?  Any news regarding the company that you might want to mention?
    • Be sure to ask for the recruiter or representative’s contact information!
  • Research Companies that are Registered
  • Who are they?  (Type of industry; how long have they been active, etc.)  This research will help you to create a list of targeted companies which is very helpful for the bigger Career Fairs held on campus.  
  • Where are they located?  (Not just HQ; where else might they have openings?)
  • What?  (product or service)
  • When (timeline of company’s growth; future plans for the company)
  • Why are they at the Career Fair?  (Scan the job leads on their careers page; create a profile and apply to any positions of interest for which you are a fit; follow-up with the Recruiter/Hiring Manager; create a list of questions regarding the company or a position to which you have applied)


  • Professional attire is always in style for a career event! Employer representatives may dress casually as per their company policies.  Dress to impress!
  • Keep your jewelry and cologne/perfume to a minimum!


  • Your Resume!  Bring along one or two copies (most employers will have more than one recruiter present) to share with each company. If you would like to talk to 20 companies, take at the least 20 copies of your resume!
    • Recruiters are looking for a one-page document.  (If you have two pages, do not sweat it.  Try to edit or change the font size, but, not too small!)  
  • Pen and notebook
  • Copies of your unofficial transcript (optional)
  • Copies of your references (optional)
  • Breath mints
  • Positive attitude!!!


  • Follow-up with the representatives as soon as possible!  Write a simple note to say thank you for attending the Career Fair and include something that you discussed.  If the recruiter recommends that you apply online, please do so!  Send that recruiter a note so that they are then able to forward your information to the Hiring Manager!