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Computing Labs and IT Information

The Department of Economics hosts three computer labs for student and faculty use: Arps 318, 305, and 311. The Experimental Economics Laboratory is located in Arps 318 and is primarily dedicated to research in experimental economics. This lab is also used for various courses in Experimental Economics and Econometrics. When the lab is not being used for experiments or classes, it is available for student use. Please check the Arps 318 Laboratory Calendar for availability.

 The Arps 318 facilities consists of:

31 Dell Optiplex workstations in a 1GB switched network, 30 Nova desks & chairs, 1 Epson Powerlite 7900P overhead projector & a pair of Dell PowerEdge 4600 servers.

To request IT support, report a problem with laboratory equipment or request access to a laboratory, please email slaughter.17@osu.edu