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Miroslava Marshall

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Image of Jinsoo BaeJinsoo Bae

Job Market Paper: Selling Shares to Budget Constrained Bidders: An Experimental Study of the Proportional-Share Auction and the Uniform Price Auction
PDF icon Curriculum Vita
Areas of Expertise: Experimental Economics, Theory
References: John Kagel, Dan Levin, Paul J. Healy

Image of Jung Dae BaeJung Bae 


Job Market PaperCross-Ethnic Diversity and Innovative Output
Curriculum Vita

Areas of Expertise: Labor
References: Bruce Weinberg, David Blau, Kurt Lavetti


Image of Ben CasnerBenjamin Casner

Job Market Paper: Seller Curation in Platforms
PDF icon Curriculum Vita
Areas of Expertise: Industrial Organization, Game Theory
ReferencesHuanxing YangJames Peck, Paul J. Healy


Image of Pubali ChakrabortyPubali Chakraborty
Job Market Paper: Female Labor Supply and Jobless Recovery
PDF icon Curriculum Vita
Areas of Expertise: Macroeconomics, Labor

Image of Soyoung LeeSoyoung Lee

Job Market Paper: The Macroeconomic Effects of Debt Relief Policies during Recessions
PDF icon Curriculum Vita
Areas of Expertise: Macroeconomics
ReferencesAubhik KhanJulia K. ThomasKyle P. Dempsey

Image of Peter NenckaPeter Nencka 

Job Market Paper: Knowledge Access: The Effects of Carnegie Libraries on Innovation
Curriculum Vita
Areas of Expertise: Labor, Public
References: Bruce Weinberg, Dean Lillard, Lauren Jones, Kurt Lavetti


Former Post-Doctoral Scholar:
Matthew Ross 

Job Market Paper: Endogenous Driving Behavior in Tests of Racial Profiling in Police Traffic Stop
PDF icon Curriculum Vita
Areas of Expertise: Urban, Labor
ReferencesBruce Weinberg