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Job Market Candidate Information

 Ph.D. Candidates for 2023-2024 Placement


John Rehbeck

Director of Graduate Placement

Phone: (614) 292-6701

Email: Rehbeck.7@osu.edu

Miroslava Marshall

Coordinator of Graduate Placement

Phone: (614) 292-6867

Email: Marshall.624@osu.edu

Email: asc-econ-placement@osu.edu


Yushin Bu

Email: bu.78@osu.edu
Job Market Paper: Rise of Startup Acquisitions and the Slowdown of Recoveries

CV93.99 KB

Areas of Expertise: Macroeconomicss
References: Aubhik Khan, Julia Thomas, Kyle Dempsey

Nayul Kim

Email: kim.7283@osu.edu
Job Market Paper: Dynamic Evaluation of Preference Program in Public Procurement Market

CV123.57 KB

Areas of Expertise: Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics, Applied Econometrics

ReferencesMatthew Weinberg, Jose Miguel Abito, Jason Blevins

Young In Lee

Email: lee.8537@osu.edu
Job Market Paper: Housing ladder and scarring effect in overlapping-generations economy

CV105.68 KB

Areas of Expertise: Macroeconomics, Computational Economics 
References: Aubhik Khan, Julia Thomas, Gabriel Mihalache

Yanli Lin

Email: lin.3019@osu.edu
Job Market Paper: A Spatial Dynamic Panel Data Model for Flow Variables with Asymmetric Origins and Destinations

CV175.54 KB

Areas of Expertise: Econometrics, Regional Science and Urban Economics, Labor Economics, Development Economics

References: Lung-Fei Lee, Bruce Weinberg, Jason Blevins, Robert de Jong

Jeyoung Moon


Job Market Paper: Propagation of Energy Shocks in an Integrated Banking Network

Areas of Expertise: Macroeconomics, International Economics
References: Gabriel Mihalache, Aubhik Khan, Kyle Dempsey Darcy Hartman (Teaching Reference)

Zheyu Ni

Email: ni.271@osu.edu

Job Market Paper: Product Variety, Licensing and Vertical Integration in Two-Sided Market



Areas of Expertise: Industrial Organization, Microeconomics
References: Matthew Weinberg, Jose Miguel Abito, Jason Blevins

Ryota Ogaki

Email: ogaki.4@osu.edu
Job Market Paper: Information Friction in Corporate Debt Restructuring and Macroeconomic Recovery

CV108.72 KB


Areas of Expertise: Macroeconomic, International Economics

References: Aubhik Khan, Julia Thomas, Gabriel Mihalache


Hyoeun Park

Email: park.2774@osu.edu
Job Market Paper: Stereotype-Confirming Race Discrimination across Multiple-Minorities

CV134.93 KB

Areas of Expertise: Experimental Economics, Decision Theory

References: Paul Healy, Yaron Azrieli, Trevon Logan, John Rehbeck