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Economics Learning Center (ELC)

Welcome to the ELC!

The ELC provides free peer-to-peer economics tutoring for any student enrolled at OSU.

SP24 ELC Finals Week Schedule

SP24 Finals Week Schedule

The ELC hours are updated as close to real-time as possible; please check this webpage before coming to the ELC to ensure a tutor will be present. 

If there is not a tutor at the ELC during an open time on the schedule above and no note at the top of this page indicating a closure or lack of available tutors, please email burnell.15@osu.edu.

Note: the ELC is closed on University holidays/breaks, University-wide class cancellations, and during the summer semester.


  • In-person tutoring is located at 385 Arps Hall. There is a sign in the hallway with "ELC" printed in bold, red letters.
  • When offered, online tutoring is held via Zoom.

Schedule an Appointment

  • No appointment is necessary for in-person tutoring. Just arrive during our open hours!
  • Appointments for online tutoring will take precedence but are not required. Feel free to stop in, and we will help you as soon as we are available.
    • Online tutoring is not offered at this time. Please check back here for updates.

Services Provided & Expectations

We can assist with ECON 2001, 2002, 4001, and 4002 by:

  • Answering questions and reviewing concepts that may have been confusing in class.
  • Letting you practice your work and providing you with strategies to help you work independently.
  • We will try to assist with other ECON courses, but each tutor's abilities will vary.

We cannot:

  • Do your work for you or serve as a substitute for your lecture/recitation.
  • Guarantee one-on-one tutoring for your entire visit; tutors will assist all students as they can.
  • Guarantee same-day assistance, such as an exam day or the day an assignment is due; come in before that time for maximum attention.

How to make the best of your time:

  • Be prepared by having questions and topics in mind before arriving.
  • Have your course materials, including the class text and any notes.
  • Review your work beforehand to know where you need the most help.

Please contact Sydneigh Burnell (burnell.15@osu.edu) with questions regarding the ELC.