Islamic Banking and Finance

Islamic Banking and Finance with travel to Malaysia

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The Department of Economics is excited to announce a new opportunity to study abroad, launching in the summer of 2023!

Economics 4797.02: Islamic Banking and Finance is a new course that will be offered for the first time during the summer semester of 2023; the course will include a Study Abroad component to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This program is jointly offered by the College of Arts and Sciences and the Fisher College of Business. Throughout the course, students will understand the relationship between culture/religion and the economy and how culture/religion has shaped financial institutions. Students will better understand Islamic finance compared to conventional finance, and identify how cultural and religious values are present in public finance. Finally, students will learn how Islamic finance functions by visiting financial institutions and organizations and historical/cultural sites in Malaysia.

Studying Abroad in Malaysia will consist of a variety of experiences, such as business meetings and guest speaker presentations with influential figures from banking and financial institutions, cultural excursions to significant sites like the Petronas Towers and the Batu Caves, and finally, some free time to explore and seek personal experiences of your choosing.

To learn more, please visit the Office of International Affair’s Education Abroad website:

Economics 4797.02