Majors and Minors


  Courses in economics are an important element in a program of liberal education. They offer an understanding of how the economy operates and provide a basis for informed opinions on many public issues. In addition, there are varied employment opportunities for economists. Although employment as a professional economist generally requires a graduate degree, an undergraduate major in economics provides good preparation for careers in government, business, organized labor, trade associations, or teaching in the social sciences. It also provides an excellent base for graduate work in any of the social sciences or in professional schools such as law and business administration.

  Undergraduates enrolled in the Colleges of the Arts and Sciences may choose a major in economics leading to the degree Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or to the degree Bachelor of Science (B.S.). The B.S. degree has the stronger quantitative component necessary for graduate work in economics and for a career in economics with government agencies and businesses. The B.A. degree is somewhat broader and provides more flexibility in an undergraduate program.