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Financial Aid

Fellowships and Graduate Associateships

The Department of Economics is able to assist many graduate students each year through fellowships and assistantships, which provide monthly stipends with quarterly tuition, academic fee waivers and health insurance subsidy.  Departmental assistantships take the form of either Graduate Teaching Associates (GTAs) or Graduate Research Associates (GRAs).  The experience of graduate associateships (GTA/GRA), in which the student assists faculty research, provides instructional assistance, and teaches either recitation sections or independent undergraduate classes, is an important part of graduate education.  The department therefore provides GTA/GRA appointments to as many eligible students as possible, subject to satisfactory progress in our Ph.D. program and also contingent on the budget approval by the University, up to and including the fifth year of their Ph.D. Program.  All our regular GTA/GRA appointments are for a nine-month academic year.

For entering students, the OSU Graduate School awards various University Fellowships through a university-wide competitive selection process.  We have been successful in nominating a substantial number of University Fellowships every year. The great majority of University Fellowships have been single-year fellowships, but we have also been regularly awarded multi-year fellowships either as Graduate Enrichment Fellowships or Distinguished Fellowships. More details about the Fellowship competition may be found on the Graduate School website here.  We also welcome applicants with non-Ohio State fellowships and scholarships; the Ohio State Graduate School will consider tuition and fee waivers for nationally competitive fellowship/scholarship recipients.

Contact tobin.71@osu.edu with questions.