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Rarely Asked Questions

These are questions which aren’t asked often, but which current students think are especially useful to know the answers.
1. What is it like to be a Grad student in the Ohio State University Department of Economics?
Good question! Probably the best way to find out is to email one of them, or else email the graduate coordinator and ask to be introduced to current students. (Be sure and say what your fields of interest are.)
2. Do you have general advice for me on surviving econ grad school? (Not just at Ohio State, but anywhere?)
Talk to faculty in your field. Get their feedback on your research ideas. If you feel stuck, it’s better to consult faculty and see if they can give you advice. Form a network with fellow students so you can all support one another. If you have questions about some aspect of academia, ask someone—be it faculty, your fellow students, or administrative support staff.