Internship Program

With an internship, students can apply their classroom experience with a hands on career position to gain additional information about economics and how it is applied outside of the classroom.

Why should you complete an internship?

There are numerous advantages in completing an internship during your undergraduate years.

• Get your foot in the door to many opportunities and contacts
• You learn how to use studies in a “real world” position
• Opportunity to learn more about economics
• Receive credit hours towards your major

Requirements: Internships are available to economic major students with a 3.2 or above GPA and have a class rank of junior or senior. Students not only complete the internship experience but are required to keep a diary as well as submitting a final report in the end. 

These materials are used as a tool for future students interested in internship positions and to allow our faculty to grade accordingly.

To learn more information about internships and internship opportunities please contact the Internship Coordinator, Melinda Shilling.