Research Opportunities

Seminars and Workshops

Regularly scheduled research workshops offer the opportunity to hear presentations by invited outside speakers and by our own faculty on the frontiers of research.  Students who have completed the field requirements are expected to regularly participate in at least one seminar each quarter. The following Departmental Seminar series meet weekly during autumn and spring quarters. 

  •         Economic Theory
  •         Macroeconomics
  •         Applied Microeconomics
  •         Econometrics

During the winter quarter, the department holds many recruitment seminars in which candidates for our faculty positions present their latest research results. 

Graduate students, in collaboration with faculty members, organize weekly lunchtime workshops to give students the opportunity to discuss their research progress for comment and criticism in a less formal setting than Departmental Seminars.  Lunchtime workshops have been the primary forum for our graduate students to present their annual research papers and also to prepare for their job market papers.  These workshops meet throughout the year in the areas of Macroeconomics and Applied Microeconomics.  The department also organizes distinguished lecture series: the JMCB Annual Lecture in Money and Banking, the G. S. Maddala Memorial Lectures, and the Edwin Smart Speakers Series.

Department Working Papers

To disseminate pre-publication research results in a timely fashion, the department maintains the Working Paper Series in which our faculty reports their latest research results.  These papers have usually been presented at seminars or conferences, and are often in the submission/refereeing process at established journals.  Graduate students also have an opportunity to place their pre-publication research papers in the department Working Paper Series.  The Department makes working papers available to universities and research institutions worldwide as well as to individuals upon request.

Journal of Money, Credit and Banking

The department is the home of the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking (JMCB).  The Journal is published by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the Ohio State University with a worldwide circulation of approximately 3,000.  The JMCB is a leading professional journal, widely read and referenced by students, researchers, policy makers and practitioners interested in monetary, macro and financial economics. The JMCB has four editors, two of whom are our colleagues, Sanjay Chugh and Pok-Sang Lam.