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Graduate Minor in Economics

A student must take at least 3 courses and earn at least 11 credit hours from the set of graduate economics courses to be approved by the Economics DGS, and must earn a grade of B or better in each course approved by the Economics DGS. If a course allows a non-letter grade, the student must obtain approval from the Economics DGS prior to taking the course on the basis of Satisfactory (S)/Unsatisfactory (U) and must earn an S. No qualifier examination or field examination is required for the Graduate Minor in Economics; no part of the course requirements can be partially or wholly substituted for by a qualifier examination or field examination.

The following courses are designed for Graduate Minor in Economics. Economics 6700 (3 credit hours): Survey of Mathematical Methods in Economics Economics 6701 (3 credit hours): Survey of Statistical Methods in Economics Economics 6711 (4 credit hours): Survey of Microeconomics Economics 6721 (4 credit hours): Survey of Macroeconomics Economics 6731 (5 credit hours): Survey of Econometric Methods I Economics 6731 (5 credit hours): Survey of Econometric Methods II. Contact Rick Tobin, tobin.71@osu.edu for more information.