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Undergraduate Economics Advising


Declare the Economics Major: To Declare the Economics Major, you are required to meet with an Economics advisor.

Economics Advising: Majors and non-Majors can schedule appointments with any of our advisors by:

The Economics Advisors currently do not offer Walk-In Hours. During Summer Term, we are available via Zoom and phone only, due to repairs in Arps Hall. We will resume in-person hours in August.

Email is the most efficient way to communicate with us. Please do not email more than one advisor with the same request and allow us time to respond to you.  Be certain to email us from your university account. Email advisors at their LISTED email address and do not send email to 'buckeyemail' or you will not receive a reply. 



  • How does Grade Forgiveness work and how do I use it? 

    A comprehensive explanation of Grade Forgiveness can be found at the link below. Read through the rules carefully and note that no Grade Forgiveness requests are accepted late, per university rules.



  • How do I find an instructor's email address?

    Go to www.osu.edu and click on the search icon in the upper right corner. Type in the instructor's name and their email address should appear.


  • What is the deadline to add a course/drop a course/get a refund/apply for Grade Forgiveness/etc?

    It is the responsibility of every student to know the important deadlines each term. A comprehensive list of deadlines is posted on the registrar's website. Listed below is a direct link to the deadlines for Summer term, 2024, though students can easily find other terms at the link. 



  • I have not heard back from my advisor and I have emailed them numerous times. Why are they not responding? 

    If you have not heard back from your advisor after repeated attempts, it is likely that you are sending the messages to buckeyemail. Advisors do not receive buckeyemail.


  • What minor should I choose and how do I declare it?

             There is no single answer. This depends on the individual, their goals, strengths, & interests. 

             Your advisor can help you & declare the minor of your choice.




                               Economics Advisors:

Rebecca Baker
Manager- Academic Advising 
Department of Economics
The Ohio State University
315 Arps Hall
Columbus, OH 43210-1172


Available M-F via Zoom 

David Jackson
Academic Advisor 2
Department of Economics
The Ohio State University
317 Arps Hall
Columbus, OH 43210-1172


Available M-F Via Zoom

Justin Labelle 
Academic Advisor 2
Department of Economics
The Ohio State University
309 Arps Hall
Columbus, OH 43210-1172


Available M-F via Zoom

Economics Transfer Credit Evaluations:

Materials may be emailed to baker.843@osu.edu.  Students should provide a detailed copy of course syllabi that includes the name and author of the textbook used and a copy of their transfer credit report.  Transfer Credit will not be evaluated during appointments. Please allow up to 4 weeks from the time of submitting your complete materials for a transfer credit decision to be made.  Syllabi originally published in any language other than English must have an original copy and a certified translation of the original syllabus.


Economics Internship Course:

Students who wish to participate in Economics Internship (ECON4191) should email David Jackson at jackson.1440@osu.edu for approval. Only students with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher and at least a junior status will be considered for enrollment.




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