Important Dates for Graduate Students

This list contains key dates for Department of Economics Graduate Students Note: many important dates are listed on the University Academic Calendar, available here. Other important dates are listed on the Graduation Calendar.


September 2023

-All students entering job market should submit CVs and job market paper abstracts for review by Tuesday, September 5.

December 2023

-Last day of exams for AU23 class: December 14.

January 2024

-Spring Semester Classes begin January 8, 2024

-Applications to Graduate in Spring due via GRADFORMSJanuary 26, 2024

April 2024

-Dissertation Defenses must be completed by April 12, 2024 for SP24 graduation

-Candidacy exams must be completed by April 22, 2024

June 2024

-Microeconomics Qualifier Exam June 3, 9AM - 1PM

-Macroeconomics Qualifier Exam June 7, 9AM - 1PM

-Second Year Field Papers due June 3 at 9AM

July 2024

-Microeconomics Qualifier Exam Re-take, TBA

-Macroeconomics Qualifier Exam Re-take, TBA

-Revised Field Papers due TBA (Will be same as Micro Qual Retake)

-Math Camp for 1st Year Students: TBA

-Orientation for incoming students begins in late July.

Contact Rick Tobin, with questions.