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EAB Inaugural Meeting

Inaugural Meeting

The Ohio State Department of Economics Advisory Board held its first meeting October 8-9, 2015 at the Ohio Union. The board is the primary alumni service organization for the Department of Economics. Board members serve by invitation of the department chair to provide advice, financial support and outreach opportunities that advance the long-term goals of the department.

The Department formed its Advisory Board in 2015 as part of an effort to re-engage Ohio State alumni and other friends with the department. The department appreciates the willingness of board members to lend their time, knowledge, and financial support to our continuing efforts to improve the Ohio State’s Department of Economics. The Board’s members are alumni of the department who have excelled in a wide variety of careers and pursuits, and who believe that the Department of Economics at The Ohio State University was instrumental in their individual successes. In addition, selected friends of the department who recognize the value of an education in economics will be invited to join. The board has an initial membership of 12, and will grow over time as it becomes more established.