Career Options

Economics majors are known for their vast array of skills and an equally vast amount of career options.  Here is a listing of industries most desired (Results from Survey of Economics majors, Fall 2016):

    Real Estate
Reading a sampling of job descriptions can provide a better understanding of the daily tasks of a finance analyst, for example.  Visit a job search website, such as and search for “Finance Analyst” positions.  (No need to enter a location at this point.)  After perusing several descriptions you will note quite a difference in tasks and requirements.  

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Listing of Job Search Titles/Keywords

Market Research Analyst                        Behavioral Health Economist
Economic Consultant                              Regional Economist
Actuary                                                   Trader (Junior Trader)        
Agricultural Economist (Food Companies; Prudential; State agencies; climate/environmental agencies or companies)
Compensation and Benefits Manager     Trend Spotter
Credit Analyst                                         Quantitative Trade Analyst
Financial Analyst                                     Rental Housing Analyst
Investment Analyst                                  Financial Economist
Policy Analyst                                         Marketing Data Analyst
Lawyer                                                    Revenue Management
Management Consultant                         Appraisal Specialist
Accounting                                             Analytics Consultant
Sales                                                      Compensation Analyst            
Business Analyst                                    Economic Development Analyst
Statistician                                              Asset Liability Analyst
Banking and Financial Services              Cost Analyst
Auditing                                                 Commercial Analyst
Insurance                                               Market Risk Analyst
Educator/Teacher                                   Fraud Analyst/Investigator
Work for an Economics Magazine          Pricing Analyst
Government or Political organization     Healthcare Economics Analyst
Journalism (provide info for)                  Operations Analyst
Investment or financial planning            Land Use Economist
Account Manager                                  Risk Analyst
Data Scientist                                        Data Analyst

Skills Garnered through BA/BS in Economics

  • Mathematical or statistical modeling
  • Ability to conduct/explain scientific research
  • High proficiency in written/oral communication
  • Ability to explain complex theories or concepts
  • Background in economic theory/econometrics
  • Knowledge of statistical procedures
  • Analyze and interpret statistical data
  • Interpret qualitative and quantitative data
  • Use of computer software to prepare reports, graphs and brochures, and conduct research
  • Word, access, Excel (VLOOKUPS, Pivot Tables, Macros), Powerpoint
  • R, Stata, Gretl, Python
  • Mathematical modeling, statistical modeling, pivot tables

Listing of Columbus Area and National Companies to Follow

Economic Analysis Groups




Health Care






Telecommunications/Information Technology

Real estate

Staffing Firms

Salary Information

From NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers), Spring 2016 Survey: 150 salaries:  $53,488 Mean, 2$53,670 25th Percentile, $54,800 Median and $56,850 75th Percentile

By Region:

  • New England:  9 salaries ($43,556 mean, $43,556 25th, median $43,556, 75th $43,556
  • Mid-Atlantic:  124 salaries ($55,140 mean, $53,670 25th, medial $56,850, $56,850 75th
  • Southeast:  14 salaries ($50,029 mean, $47,378 25th, $47,378 median, $54,800 75th
  • Please note:  There were no salaries reported from the Great Lakes, Plains, or Southwest Regions
  • From Payscale: B.A., B.S
  • Education to Career (can enter the state in which you seeking a position and job title)
  • Payscale’s GigZig
  • From Gadball