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Bruce Weinberg Awarded the 2022’s Faculty Mentor of the Year

February 17, 2023

Bruce Weinberg Awarded the 2022’s Faculty Mentor of the Year

Bruce Weinberg

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs announced that Bruce Weinberg is the winner of 2022’s Faculty Mentor of the Year Award! He was nominated by a current postdoctoral scholar in his lab.

Dr. Weinberg is the Eric Byron Fix-Monda Endowed professor in the Department of Economics whose research focuses on changes in the wage structure and family and neighborhood determinants of youth outcomes. His research has been supported by the NIH, NSF, and Kauffman, Sloan, and Templeton Foundations. He has advised policy makers at a variety of levels and served on two working groups of the Advisory Committee to the NIH Director focused on the next generation of the biomedical research workforce. In one of his recent publications published in Nature, he shows using national datasets that the gender gap in the number of papers produced in the sciences can be attributed to women receiving less credit for their contribution and not to the productivity differences between men and women.

Over the last two decades, he has mentored 59 graduate students and postdoctoral scholars, 29 of whom have subsequently gone on to secure tenure-track positions at leading institutions across the world. He is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion and has promoted the retention and recognition of women scholars in the field of economics throughout his research career. He is committed to ensuring the success of his mentees and devotes substantial time to their mentorship, professional and career development, and to expand their professional networks for research collaborations and career pursuits.