ASC Spotlights: Spencer LaHue

March 3, 2017
Photo of Spencer LaHue

Spencer LaHue, a fourth-year studying economics, is very involved with Ohio State College Mentors for Kids. He is the vice president for programming for this organization.

Why did you choose Ohio State?

I chose to go to The Ohio State University because I wasn't sure what I wanted my major to be. I knew that Ohio State would have a good program for whatever I decided to study.

Why are you majoring in economics?  What are your future plans in the field?

I actually started out at Ohio State as a chemistry major. I made the switch to economics partway through my first semester for several reasons. I took AP microeconomics in high school and really enjoyed it. This led me to take principles of macroeconomics with Professor Ranajoy Ray-Chaudhuri when I came to Ohio State. He was a fantastic professor, and this class inspired me to take more advanced economics classes. I also knew that a degree in economics would provide me with a wide variety of career choices. I haven't narrowed down my career search to a specific area of interest yet.

When did you become involved in the Ohio State College Mentors for Kids and why?

I became involved with College Mentors for Kids my second year at Ohio State when my older brother Phil urged me to apply. Mentoring children from the Columbus community seemed like a great cause, and I loved the idea of showing kids that higher education is possible.

As vice president for programming for the OSCMK, what kind of programs have you put together?

Through my role as vice president of programming, with help from many other exceptional staff members, College Mentors for Kids has put on lots of successful activities this year! We work with other student organizations to create activities that are focused on higher education, community service, culture and diversity. Some of my favorite activities this year were selling lemonade with the kids on the Oval, listening to presentations from Ohio State dental and pharmacy students and playing with the Lego Brick Club.

Courtesy: ASC Spotlights