Meet the Tutors!


SP24 Tutors

Drew McIlveen headshot

My name is Drew McIlveen. I'm majoring in Economics, with a minor in Public Policy. I love the field of economics, and I always look forward to teaching others about it!

Josh Parker headshot

Hello, I'm Josh Parker! I'm pursuing a dual degree in Economics and Political Science with a minor in Sociology. I really enjoy thinking through economic theory and models in digestible ways - looking forward to seeing you in the ELC!

Kieren Bode headshot

My name is Kieren and I am a 3rd year undergraduate student majoring in economics and public affairs with a minor in French. I love traveling, talking sports, and petting my dog Delly. I hope to pursue a career in economic development consulting after I graduate, and I'm excited to see you at the ELC!

Nick Badia headshot

Hi, my name is Nick Badia. I major in data analytics and economics. I love economics and hope to help others achieve a good understanding of it the way I have!

Richard Roediger

My name is Richard Roediger. I am double majoring in History and Economics, and I am excited to be a tutor because I love to help others learn! 

Sander Capetz

Hi, my name is Sander Capetz. I’m majoring in economics and Chinese as well as minoring in math. I’ve always enjoyed going in-depth into economic topics and working out many practice problems. Looking forward to working with you at the ELC!

Zhouzhou Chen headshot

Hello, I'm Zhouzhou Chen! I'm a dual degree in Economics and Psychology with a minor in Statistics. I would love to use my knowledge to help students who are having problems with their economics courses. Looking forward to meeting you in the ELC!

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