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ASC Spotlights: Spencer LaHue

March 3, 2017
Photo of Spencer LaHue

Spencer LaHue, a fourth-year studying economics, is very involved with Ohio State College Mentors for Kids. He is the vice president for programming for this organization.

One Size Doesn't Fit All: HyFlex Lets Students Choose

April 26, 2016

Large lecture courses are often required of an institution's newest learners, who lack skills to help them succeed. A team at Ohio State University redesigned an intro-level course to let students choose to experience lectures in the classroom or via live streaming.

ASC Spotlights - Walt King

April 25, 2016
How would you briefly describe your research to someone who is not familiar with your field of study?
I derive the marginal productivity of each individual player measured in wins added to their team.

Women book business flights earlier

April 14, 2016

A recent research by Javier Donna, assistant professor of economics at Ohio State, examines a large dataset with 6.4 million flight bookings in 2014 to analyze gender differences in the demand for planning business travel.