Meet your Tutors!

Photo of Christa Ding

Christa Ding

My name is Qianyue Ding, and I go by Christa. I am a third-year actuarial science major with economics and insurance minors. I am considering switching to quantitative economics minor and adding a statistics minor. I enjoy microeconomics, especially game theory. A personal philosophy that I like to live by is to have an economic way of thinking because life is all about making the best decisions based on currently available information.

Photo of Mark Drozd

Mark Drozd

My name is Mark Drozd and I’m a fourth-year student studying economics and mathematics. I’ve always liked economics for its elegant combination of multiple disciplines. A given problem in economics could be motivated by a model in a social science, decomposed quantitatively, and provide enough philosophical discussion to last a lifetime. I can usually be seen around campus with a travel of mug of coffee in hand, which is fitting since my favorite quote of all time comes from Alfred Renyi: “A mathematician is a machine for turning coffee into theorems.”

Photo of Syafika Ibrahim

Syafika Ibrahim

I am Syafika Ibrahim (pronounced sha-fi-ca). I am a senior majoring in Economics and Theoretical Mathematics, with a minor in History. This will be my last semester here in Ohio State and I am really excited to embrace the real world ahead! I started with a strong connection to the science world in high school but always have a passion to understand the flow of the market and the dynamic in economic development. So, I read Freakonomics and that was when I knew where my passion lies. At the moment I am drawn into international economic development in emerging countries especially in Southeast Asia. I am a believer of Carpe Diem!, a part of text from Odes by a Roman poet, Horace (23 BC). Its literal translation is to seize the day, and is a part of a longer text; “seize the day, put little trust in tomorrow”. Contrary to the YOLO spirit, the ode actually means one should not ignore the future, but rather doubt that the future is on one side so one needs to do all one can today to make one’s future better!

Photo of Kasia Karolak

Kasia Karolak

Kasia is a 5th year senior majoring in economics and women's, gender, and sexuality studies with minors in math and Spanish. They plan to pursue a PhD in economics and spend their career in the field. Kasia believes this field has a responsibility to understand and a possibility to affect the systems and realities of our world. A guiding quote in her life is: "it is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains" -Assata Shakur

Photo of Bjorn Kluwe

Bjorn Kluwe

My name is Bjorn Kluwe and I am a senior majoring in Economics, who will be graduating May 2020. In addition, I am also on the pre-medical track and hope to attend medical school after graduation. My main interests in the field of economics relate to healthcare and general economic history. I think Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz made a great observation when he said, “we live in the best of all possible worlds;” because studying economic history supports this well.

Photo of Maggie Seikel

Maggie Seikel

Maggie Seikel is a third year double majoring in economics and history. After OSU, she plans to go to law school and study antitrust policy, where her econ degree should come in handy. When both solving problem sets and living life, she defers to Reagan's words from the height of the Cold War: “Trust, but verify.”

Photo of Alex Williams

Alex Williams

My class standing is as a 4th year (Senior), majoring in Economics and Mathematics. I first became interested in economics when I heard all of the people that started Moneyball were economists, but then got more interested in more purely economics topics once I started taking classes. I greatly enjoy pursuing economics research, and I now plan on pursuing a PhD in economics once I graduate! A favorite quote of mine that I think applies to me is simply: "Fail miserably, achieve greatly" -JFK.

Photo of Brandon Wong

Brandon Wong

Brandon Wong is a 3rd year Economics Major, with Math & Stats minors. He loves economics because, like natural sciences, it studies the cause and effect of interactions in the world around us all. He has always felt close to economics content. It is a wonderful cross between math, psychology, business, and the economic way of thought can be extended to all of life. "Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other" - JFK.

Photo of Mingxin Xie

Mingxin Xie

My name is Mingxin Xie and I’m a Junior Economics & Mathematics major with Architecture and Political Science minor. I was inspired by the story of making a pin in Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations and started to engage in economic study. Once I realize all our life is about making economic decisions, I fell in love with the subject. My studies compliment the way I like to live my life; “Be brave, be honest!”