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Getting Published: An Undergraduate’s Hard Work Pays Off

August 12, 2014
Alumnus Stephen Bergman (BS, economics, 2013), a security analyst for Hengehold Capital Management in Cincinnati, just learned that research he conducted as an undergraduate has been published in a peer-reviewed journal generally reserved for tenured professors.

Parental involvement overrated? Don't buy it

May 5, 2014
Several recent articles have questioned the common belief that parent involvement is critical to improving student performance in school. One recent New York Times op-ed, titled "Parental Involvement Is Overrated," and an Atlantic piece called "Don't Help Your Kids With Their Homework," touched off

Study Documents Economic Impact of Federal Research Spending

April 4, 2014
The scientific research conducted at Ohio State and other universities isn't often viewed as a short-term economic stimulus program — but it does fulfill that role along with its many long-term benefits, according to new research co-authored by an Ohio State economist. In a study published this week

Gay Population – and Homophobia – May be Underestimated

January 30, 2014
Economics professors Katie Coffman and Lucas Coffman are authors of a new study showing that anti-gay sentiment is higher than we think, and current methods for assessing attitudes about sexuality are not as accurate as they should be.